The world through my eyes.

Miniature Beach Town

Miniature Beach Town, Tilt-Shift Image along the coast of Den Haag

Rotterdam Night View

Rotterdam Night View

A panoramic night view of the city of Rotterdam from my hotel room window, Hotel Best Western, Netherlands

Town of Leh

Town of Leh

The beautiful town of Leh, Ladakh. Read about my Leh visit.

Prague Castle

Castle at Prague

An evening view of the Castle at Prague, Czech Republic

Dancing House

Building in Prague

The Dancing House or Dancing Building or Ginger & Fred (Czech: Tančící dům) is the nickname given to the Nationale-Nederlanden building in downtown Prague, Czech Republic

Cosy Cottage

A cottage on the banks of a lake in Christiania, also known as Freetown Christiania (Danish: Fristaden Christiania) in Copenhagen, Denmark

London Skyline

Skyline of London at sunset

 A Silhoutte of London skyline at sunset

Big Ben

HDR of Big Ben

HDR image of Big Ben, London

Cambridge Punting

Summer in Cambridge

Punting in Cambridge, UK

Magnificent Paris

Eiffel Tower

Eiffel Tower at night, Paris

Violin Player

Street artist playing violin

A violin player playing on the streets of Copenhagen, Denmark

London Snow

View of the snow covered Big Ben and London Eye
Heavy snow in London during the winter season in 2009

Rotterdam Sunset

Sunset over the City of Rotterdam
A beautiful sunset over the city of Rotterdam, Netherlands


Building reflection in the canal
A building near the railway station in Amsterdam.

Chocolate Shop

Finest Belgian Chocolates
A chocolate shop in Brussels, Belgium

A Hotel Somewhere

Eastern Europe Hotel building
A hotel somewhere en route to Prague.

Shadow Man

Silhouette of a Czech Man
A man walking in an alley in Prague, Czech Republic.

Blue Door

Blue colored door of a house
A blue door of a house in Kasauli, India


A train station at Copenhagen, Denmark
A train station at Copenhagen, Denmark

Quiet Neighbourhood

A quiet neighbourhood, Copenhagen, Denmark

A quiet neighbourhood, Copenhagen, Denmark

Yellow Fever

A Street in Copenhagen

A street in Copenhagen, Denmark

Urban Reflections

Reflections of a building in the lake

Beautiful reflections at a lake in Copenhagen, Denmark


City life paused

A man takes pause as a bus goes by on a busy road, Streets of London

The Saint

St. Paul's Cathedral, London

Long exposure night view of the St. Paul’s Cathedral, London